St. Paul's Lutheran Church

Worship is not what we do for God.
Worship is God coming to us to give us His grace. Every time His people gather together around His Word and Sacraments, God is there to create, encourage, and strengthen our faith.

Worship Times

Sunday Worship:

Traditional Service               8:00a.m.

Contemporary Service        10:30a.m.

Sunday School                      9:15s.m.


During Advent and Lent midweek services are at 6:30pm

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Meet the Staff

Rev. David Reber, Jr.

Pastor Reber excepted our call, and was installed July 1, 2018 as our full time Pastor. Pastoral work is not new to Reber, who previously served a dual Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod parish in southeast New Mexico: Grace Lutheran Church in Hobbs and Our Savior Lutheran Church in Lovington. But, he does see his installation at the Enid church and school as the culmination of a long route of "detours" that led to the ministry.

Rev. Kenneth Wade

Rev. Kenneth Wade has celebrated a half century of ordained ministry. He graduated from high school in 1958 and went on to earn a bachelor's degree in theology at Concordia Senior College. He married Carole in June, 1964, and was ordained Sept. 1, 1968. He drove to Enid and accepted the call on Labor Day weekend, 1971. Rev. Wade retired in 2003, but 15 years later he's still busy daily with the work of the church. Wade came back to the pulpit at St. Paul's in between full-time pastors. Wade isn't done ministering to those in need, but in 50 years of ordained service he's already trained 12 vicars and presided over more than 500 funerals, almost 600 weddings, about 750 baptisms and more than 1,000 confirmations. "If I had been prompted to write my own script 50 years ago, I would have short-changed myself," Wade said, "because I can't imagine how, at that time, I would have been able to envision the blessings I've received by being able to serve people, and the blessings I've received in my own family.

Crystal Heim

Crystal is the church and school office secretary.


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Spiritual Growth

In addition to regular Sunday Worship, there are several opportunities to grow in the faith.  Engaging in God’s Word is something in which every Christian will find delight.

Confirmation Class 2017 - 2020

Youth Confirmation at St. Paul’s is a three year process.

  • The Old Testament is studied during the first year.
  • The New Testament is the focus of the second year.
  • Martin Luther’s Small Catechism is studied during the third year.  

After the third year, the confirmands are welcomed as Confirmed members of St. Paul’s.

Adult Confirmation classes are scheduled on an as-needed basis. Contact the pastor if you, or someone you know, would like to have one scheduled.  The class lasts 10 sessions and follows the Catechism teachings as presented in the Lutheranism 101 book.

Confirmation Lesson Study Used during COVID 19

    Luther’s Small Catechism explains, “Confirmation is a public rite of the Church preceded by a period of instruction designed to help baptized Christians identify with the life and mission of the Christian community.

2020 Jr. Confirmation Class of 2020 Rev. David Reber Jr., Savannah Dryden, Courtney Coffman, Andrew Wiederkehr, Justin Wiederkehr, Lathan Heim. Confirmed 05-31-2020
Current Confirmand Online Course Studies

Bible Study

We encourage everyone to attend a Bible Study, join a Small Group, or even take confirmation as a refresher.  St. Paul’s offers two Adult Sunday Morning Bible Studies.  The Basement/Fellowship Hall Class is currently studying what they did not teach you in Sunday School.  The Library Class is currently teaching 


Each month we will try to change this section after the Church Council meeting to help you be apprised of the situation in our congregation.  The shrubs have been added around the front of the church and thanks to the generosity of several other people we are in the process of putting in a very specialized mulch, resistant to termites and won’t float away in a heavy rain, around those shrubs.  Thanks to all who have helped in this project. P.S. Yes it was necessary to trim the hedges as low as we did along the parking lot. It was costly to replace them, and it was necessary to be able to see little ones on the front walk as we drive out. As the new shoots grow out, and they will grow out, they will be easier to trim and keep under 2′ tall.


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In addition to regular Sunday Worship, there are several opportunities to grow in the faith.  Engaging in God’s Word is something in which every Christian will find delight.

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