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Round 'Em Up
July 11-15 @ 9:00-11:45AM

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Camp Lutherhoma 2022
July 17 - 22, 2022

Camp Lutherhoma

2022 Summer Theme: “CREATED”

The summer theme, “Created” will be all about how wonderful it is to be a created child of God.
Created means…I am created by God
Created means…I belong in Jesus Christ
Created means…I am alive through the Holy Spirit
Created means…I am a beautiful work of art
Created means…I have a purpose
Join us this summer as we study God’s Word, especially the letter to the Ephesians

The campers and staff will explore the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout time. They will look at the time of Creation, the time of the Old Testament, the time of Jesus on earth, and the time of the early church. They will also explore the importance of “Taking Time With God” and “taking Time For Others”. The Time of Grace is now! Ever since Jesus rose from the dead, we have lived in the age of salvation for all believers, where, through faith in Jesus as our Savior, we receive forgiveness of all our sins, past present and future. And we will live with Him.

Force 5    Ages 9-12     July 17 – 22   $450.00 each

Energy 2  Ages 13-15   July 17 – 22   $450.00 each

Register Early for a $30.00 discount = $420.00 each   (before May 15th)

St Paul’s Church will pay 1/2 of the registration fee if you pre-register early and pay the $50 deposit online and fill out a form.

                                           !!NOW $185.00 each!!

Start Here: Step by Step Registration Guide

Next go to the Camp Lutherhoma Website and register and pay $50 deposit online before may 15th

Next fill out this form, drop it & remaining balance less $210 by the office before May 15th

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Dave Anderson & Roger Walck
The Rescue Tour
May 18, 2022 @ 7:00pm

Musicians Dave Anderson and Roger Walck will present a free concert at 7 p.m. Wednesday, May. 18, at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Enid. Everyone in the community is invited to attend.

Dave Anderson comes from Arizona, and Roger and his wife Patti live in Corona, California. Dave grew up as a Lutheran preacher’s kid in Minnesota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin. Dave has been involved in lay ministry in the Lutheran church for 48 years, first in youth ministry (Dave is the founder of Lutheran Youth Encounter) and then music ministry, including concerts and worship resources.

Roger Walck is a skilled vocalist, guitarist, and a worship team leader. Roger is a graduate of Vanguard University, and he has studied at Fuller Seminary and Azusa Pacific University. For many years Roger taught theology at Orange Lutheran High School in Orange, California. Roger has led Spanish-language worship in various Orange County churches.

In 1993, God used incredibly heroic men to rescue Dave, his wife Barbara, and five others from 36-degree water after their plane crashed into the Bering Sea while returning from a missionary and humanitarian mission in the Russian Far East. All seven men and women survived what could not be survived!

Dave, Barb, and Roger are involved in the most ambitious project yet: Shepherd’s Canyon Retreat, a special counseling ministry for burned-out and emotionally wounded Christian ministers and their spouses. Week-long Shepherd’s Canyon Retreats are held at the ministry’s home-base called Standing Stones Conference & Retreat Center, which is located 90 minutes northwest of the Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport, 15 miles west of Arizona’s “cowboy town,” Wickenburg. Please visit The free-will offering received at the concert will benefit the Shepherd’s Canyon Retreat ministry.  Glass Walls is now in production.  This movie event covers the importance of the Shepherd’s Canyon Retreat .  

Shepherd’s Canyon

Standing Stones 

Glass Walls (Promo)

School Events

Covid Vaccination Clinic

No Appointment Required!!

Open to all ages 5 and older

Initial and Booster Shots Available

Post-shot drinks and snacks will be served

Garfield County Health Department in Association with St. Paul’s Lutheran Church and School

St. Paul’s East Side Community Center

1810 E. Broadway Avenue

Enid, Oklahoma   73701